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Keyboard Concepts

Keyboard Concepts Fine Pianos

If you live in the Southern California area, Keyboard Concepts has a family of 5 stores throughout the region to serve you. Their new piano lines include: Yamaha, Bösendorfer, and Schimmel, and an ever changing variety of used pianos. Winners of multiple “Piano Dealer of the Year” awards by Yamaha Corporation, you are sure to find the best deals on new and used instruments.

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Steinway and Sons Los Angeles

Steinway and Sons Los Angeles

Steinway and Sons has finally opened two factory-owned stores in Los Angeles, CA. If you are looking for a brand new Steinway and Sons piano, or would like to find a vintage Steinway that has been rebuilt at the factory in New York, the West Hollywood and Pasadena stores should be on your list of places to visit. Similar to the famous “basement” in New York, where all the choice concert and semi-concert grand pianos are housed for private evaluation, Steinway Los Angeles also has their own Concert Room in downtown Los Angeles! Be sure to call them if you are in the market for one of these fantastic pianos.

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Steinway and Sons Spirio

Steinway and Sons Spirio

Just introduced in 2015, Spirio® is Steinway's ultra-high resolution reproducing player piano system and the most significant product innovation for the company in more than 70 years. The Spirio system incorporates the finest technology in player system electronics, reproducing the original performances of a vast number of famed Steinway artists.

Find out more in Steinway's Spirio Press Release

PianoDisc Player Piano Systems

PianoDisc Player Piano Systems logo

Precision Piano Services has been a Certified PianoDisc installation studio for over 25 years, with an average of over 70 installations a year done in our facility. PianoDisc offers the best choice of features and reliability, if you are looking to convert your piano into a player piano.

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Modern Piano Moving

Modern Piano Moving

This is the most reliable nationwide piano moving company in the country. One of the biggest mistakes a piano owner can make is having a furniture mover handle their priceless piano. You can rest assured Modern Piano Moving is specifically equipped to safely and reliably transport your piano nationwide and globally.

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Yamaha Pianos and Disklavier Player Piano System

Yamaha Pianos logo

Information about Yamaha Pianos, and the incredible Disklavier Player Piano System. Yamaha pianos are our choice for the best-built, best value to dollar ratio instruments in the world. You get a LOT of piano, for a reasonable price. Easy to tune and service, these pianos provide years of enjoyable and trouble-free piano music.

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Bösendorfer Pianos

Bösendorfer logo

The Rolls-Royce of Pianos: low production numbers and old world craftsmanship are the benchmarks of this company, located in Vienna, Austria and established in 1828. Known for a unique sound unto its own, Bösendorfer is sure to please the most discerning pianists.

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Schimmel Pianos

Schimmel Pianos logo

European quality craftsmanship, along with Japanese-style precision building techniques, makes this piano one of the best-built instruments in the world. Schimmel is known for their incredible wood veneers and finishes, and the famous Renner action. A real treat to play.

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Steinway and Sons Pianos

Steinway and Sons Pianos

Steinway and Sons Pianos USA in New York. The world's most famous piano!

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In a word, the Fazioli piano is “Exemplary”. The finest, most meticulously engineered and built piano in existence today. With extremely low production numbers, and a team of the most highly skilled craftsman in the world, Fazioli is building the quintessential piano of the modern era.

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Renner - Maker of Choice Hammer and Action Parts

Renner USA

Renner GmbH was founded in 1882 in Stuttgart, Germany, and is our maker of choice for the highest quality hammer and action parts. For more than a century, Renner action parts have been used as original equipment by fine piano manufacturers from around the world. Renner is currently used in the best new production pianos money can buy, which include: German Steinway and Sons, Mason and Hamlin, Bösendorfer, Schimmel, Fazioli, Grotrian Steinweg, Bluthner, and many more...

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In 2006, Franco Skilan, RPT, was brought onto Renner USA's “Technician on Demand” service, which is designed to help and advise other technicians throughout the country on using Genuine Renner action components.

Wessell, Nickel and Gross - Makers of Composite Piano Action Parts

Wessell, Nickel and Gross

For those interested in the latest technology in aftermarket piano action replacement parts, the Wessell, Nickel and Gross company has developed a new generation of action components using composite materials. Their composite action parts are available for numerous pianos: Steinway and Sons, Mason and Hamlin, Bösendorfer, and many others. These parts will satisfy the need for those who want to have “cutting-edge” technology materials installed in their heirloom piano. We've included a review of these composite action parts here on our site.

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Heller Bass Strings

Heller Bass Strings

Heller Bass is our choice for the best piano bass strings in the world. Heller uses a detailed string measurement system that insures each and every string in a pianos bass section is duplicated to the exact fitment for each particular note. Heller does not offer, and we NEVER use, any generically made bass strings in our custom piano restorations. The result is a sound that is unmatched by any other bass string maker in the industry.

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Piano Technicians Guild

Piano Technicians Guild

The official Piano Technicians Guild of which we are proud members. The site offers access to as much information as anyone needs to know about pianos and the piano service industry.

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