Precision Piano Services' Videos

We hope you will enjoy these video presentations featuring our piano services and other videos of interest to piano enthusiasts. Please feel free to check back on this page as we will be adding more videos soon.

Giovanni and Franco as interviewed by Huell Howser on the PBS show,
The Bench, about our family-owned piano restoration company.

RUN TIME: 25 minutes, 21 seconds

This video is a classic for those familiar with our site, so we include it here to help introduce you to Precision Piano Services if you don't yet know us.

Huell Howser, 1945-2013 — It is with sadness that we update this site with the passing of Huell Howser in 2013 at only 67 years old. We were honored to have met Mr. Howser and retain this video here as not only a celebration of having been interviewed by him, but a tribute to his memory.

Video Demonstrations of PianoDisc Player Piano System

RUN TIME: 3 minutes, 44 seconds


PianoDisc PDS228 Player Piano System

RUN TIME: 3 minutes, 22 seconds

Precision Piano Services is a factory trained and authorized player piano system installation and service provider. These videos show short demonstrations of PianoDisc systems in action. Be sure to check out our Player Piano Systems page for more information.

Piano Vorsetzer

RUN TIME: 1 minute, 22 seconds

This video demonstrates our own one of a kind Vorsetzer Player System utilizing custom built PianoDisc solenoids and components. Just as those used by many high end piano manufacturers' factories, all of our newly assembled actions run through a minimum of 12-24 hour break-in period (20,000 to 40,000 repetitions). This procedure ensures proper regulation and tuning stability, hammer break-in and voicing stability right from day one of use in our customer's home or studio. This system is designed to work on a wide variety of piano actions, and has been in use now in our facility since January 2012.


1929 Steinway Video Showing How Steinway Pianos Were Made

RUN TIME: 8 minutes, 10 seconds

This interesting, historical film shows the process of producing hand-made Steinway and Sons pianos at their New York factory. It even features the piano music of Scott Joplin.

This is an unused marketing video produced by the Steinway Company in 1929 displaying how they manufacture their Style B Grand Piano. Most of the techniques have stayed the same in the 80 year interim.

For more on Steinway, visit the La Guardia and Wagner Archives web site. There you will find a rich collection of photographs and documents about Steinway and New York City's history.

Enjoy this brief bit of history to further your appreciation of vintage Steinway and Sons pianos.